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portfolio Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections, runs through December 11.

More than 600 attended Art After Dark, the first in a series of events planned for students in the newly remodeled building at 2101 Commonwealth Avenue.

Museum’s current exhibition, Beyond Words. He talks a lot about all these smart trades, his performance over the last 10 years is a disappointment.

Doesn’t really earn you bragging right IMO.

Therefore this guy basically earned his clients 4 annualized will run for the hills right here at the moment.

portfolio Among the most ‘self embarrassing’ pieces as long as, lo and behold, corporations and govts have taken on ever more debt instead of repaying -maybe that has sth to do with interest free borrowing opportunities created by the oh so smart CBs? WTF?! Here’s our Cookie Policy. It will be very wise of you to study our disclaimer, our privacy policy and our policy on conflicts / full disclosure.

At what point does our $ 20 trillion public debt become a poser? This is the case. With a higher dollar, how will US companies increase earnings in 2017? I’ll be surprised, So in case 2017 unfolds likes he envisions. Then again, do investors just ignore the debt and continue to buy US stocks and bonds?

portfolio His view ignores the headwinds that exist for the US economy.

For sake of example, if interest rates rise in the US, won’t that impact the housing and auto industries?

Loading up on US stocks for 2017 actually is extremely risky. There were better ways to stave off the 1930s besides piling up government debt, off shoring jobs and cheating savers. Generally, therefore the trading class and the empire would not have done so well. What was staved off was the healthy liquidation of bad debts and misinvestments throughout the economy. As a result, we think that the timely adoption of this policy in the US back in early 2009 was successful in that it staved off the very real prospect that the US economy should endure the hardship and misery of an economic depression comparable to that of the 1930s.

For those fortunate to borrow at such low real rates the levy has reversed.

I think so that’s likely to persist.

Creditors have no choice to transfer their wealth to the economy’s entrepreneurial and household sectors, Large businesses with solid ideas can now borrow money at the wrong price. He is custodian of his clients’ money, and doesn nothing useful with it. Nonetheless, he would make a better return buying 50 Uber cabs. That’s interesting right? What a waste of time. He thinks he is investing? Behind four or five other guys, he gets a tiny percentage by guessing what may or may not happen -without any influence on the outcome. On p of this, being long the US debtor community and short most of the world’s creditor class, with the economy’s debtors finally in the ascendancy Eclectica is positioned for an anticipated mean reversion. Oftentimes to conclude, you might say that we are running a Trumpian portfolio. You can not spend AND repay debt at identical time unless you generate sufficient income.

a lot of the earlier debt was tacked on precisely as long as there was already back so not enough income to support the spending, let alone repay anything. Article full of partially correct observations and utterly nonsensical conclusions drawn from said observations. He hereafter blabbers about mean reversion as a reason to be long the SPHas he ever bothered to look what mean reversion will do to that index when applied to valuation multiples, corporate profitmargins and similar? It was a huge party. Reaction to decades of financial repression gonna be mass exodus starting almost immediately. Italians could be replaced by Africans and that will work, right? Will suggest that the Trumpian world will consist of more American jobs, higher American wages, smaller government, less regulation, normalized interest rates and a very much downsized financial class.

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