As Soon As This Is Complete The User Is Able To Add Photo’s To The Portfolio And Set A Cover Image – Bp Portfolio – Plugin Review

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portfolio You could end up making your way into your followers’ Twitter feeds So in case you’ve included a link to your Twitter account in your Shutterstock profile.

If you’ve been making the lots of yours, you’ve already got a great collection of public image sets and a spiffy looking profile.

ID in your links, you can also benefit from Shutterstock’s Customer Referral Program. Our new contributor Portfolio Pages are among the most exciting things we’ve introduced this year. Here’s a guide to a lot of ways you can share your Portfolio Page with the world and keep your work in the spotlight. Now the question is how to maximize the tal number of visitors, we’ve already started promoting the reinvented portfolios to our audience, potential customers visiting your page. In any circumstances do not forget. That’s viewed either by clicking on the projects page from the site menu or by clicking on the members profile projects tab, that shows the members personal projects, whenever an user has created their project.

It’s an alternative to assigning a Gravatar or similar.

It also performs identical task for Groups. BuddyPress Letter Avatar is quite easy plugin that gives a colour coded avatar on the basis of a letter from the username of the user, for users that have not set an avatar image.

portfolio After installing and activating the plugin you have to setup up and configure which pages going to be the Projects and Add Project pages on your website and add them to the menu in a similar way to setting up other BuddyPress pages, installation is pretty simple.

BP Portfolio also is really good when you going to setup project specific Categories and set a certain amount these as mandatory, you can also set up Portfolio specific Tags. BP Portfolio adds a completely new page to BuddyPress called projects through which artists are able to showcase their works. BP Portfolio is a plugin designed to allow artists to showcase their images on a BuddyPress Site, the free version supports photo’s whilst the Pro version adds support for video and Audio files. Whenever adding a title, description and setting tags and categories, The categories must be setup by site admin whilst the tags can be created on the fly by the user as they set up their portfolio item, whenever it is set up, clicking on Add Project will allow site members to create their own portfolio item. Any portfolio item can have a display restriction set and on p of that the user gets to choose if they will allow comments.

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